Custom Website Designs

A range of custom-built websites. These are not template website designs; they are entirely customisable to suit any website design required.

Each price option increase allows for more pages, page designs, rows, blocks and elements. These increases allow for a more complex page layout. With the custom website construction, we can use any amount of rows, blocks and features in any order you wish on any page to form a completely customised website.

Once a custom website page has been built, it forms a page template that you may want to use again in further developments. We offer these packs at a discounted price when hosted by us.

The website we build for you is 100% owned by you and 100% upgradable at any time. As a WSS Media client, you have the choice of managing and upgrading your website yourself or engaging WSS Media to undertake any tasks required to improve your website investment further.

You can read more about Custom Built Website Design here.