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Website Builders WSS Media Proudly Supporting Clients For Over 17 Years

While we continue building websites for Australian businesses, we also work closely with many UK clients, so don't let the distance scare you away!

Please look at some of our creations and see the magic we work into every project, near and far.

It's merely a giant pond that separates us, with an almost instant phone connection!

Corporate Limousines

Gold Coast - QLD

Corporate Limousines is a first-class limo company offering its services across the Gold Coast and Brisbane area.

To design, build and write a stylish yet informative website required working closely with Graeme (owner) and his team of Gurus to get it just right!

The site has a  broad range of pages offering descriptive and significant content to cover every type of limousine hire requirement.

Maintained, updated and hosted on our dedicated Australian server assists this company in staying ahead of the competition.

WSS Media - Custom Website Builders

Nee Naw Parties

UK Project

Paul & Claire contacted WSS Media with a terrific business idea, an 'Emergency Services Themed Play Experience. They had a strong vision of what they wanted their business & website to be about; fun, socially interactive, creative and offering imaginary play for 'little heroes.'

We worked closely with Paul & Claire to design, build & write a website to help get their brand out there for all to see, use, and ultimately enjoy!

After such a lengthy lockdown period in the UK, the time was perfect to launch this great new business, 'Nee Naw Parties'

When deciding on a name for the business, what could suit it better than the heart-warming child imitation of a siren, 'nee naw, nee naw'?!

All the best, you guys.

Hosted on our dedicated Australian server.

Burleigh Secondhand

Gold Coast - QLD

Burleigh Secondhand - Good As New Recycled Building Materials.

The energetic team at Burleigh Secondhand work dynamically to provide good quality and affordable products for clients on the Gold Coast and across QLD.

However, their tired and dated old website required a total rebuild to display their eclectic and exciting range of ever-changing products.

From the first design we showed the team at BSH, they were highly enthusiastic and keen to push forward with the build and written content. We wanted to include every ounce of information to hold their clients’ interest and keep them returning to purchase products & materials.

Maintained, updated and hosted on our dedicated Australian server.

Another Page 1 success story on Google!

Award-winning Absolute Floor Sanding / TLC's Floor Sanding Services and Absolute Floor Sander Hire

3 UK Projects

These three companies are all owned by David Clarke in the UK, and we had great pleasure building all three. The colour scheme requested was to be similar in all three, which we have followed through with for the client. Also, we created a 'Shopping Cart' into Absolute Floor Sander Hire, proving to be a huge success for David.

Monthly SEO

We use our advanced SEO techniques to build long-term search engine rankings for all three of David’s websites.

Maintained and updated each month, all websites are hosted on our dedicated Australian server.

Although there is always a time difference of 9-11 hours, depending on the UK and Australian time zone, we continue to work autonomously with our client. If we need to speak to David or he with us, we either work later into the evening or earlier in the morning, keeping everyone in the loop at all times!

Happy Client - Happy Us!

WSS Media, Website Builders To The Stars!

Another Page 1 success story on Google for specific keywords


Sydney Tourist Park

Sydney - NSW

Sydney Tourist Park approached WSS Media to discuss options for bringing their tired and dated website to the forefront for travellers in Australia and worldwide.

We designed, rebuilt, and rewrote their site to showcase Sydney's exciting and buzzing city, a city that attracts thousands of sightseers each year. Travellers love that this park is central to many sightseeing hot spots, all accessible by train, car or bus.

With informative and detailed content, it's helpful to know that Sydney Tourist Park offers excellent facilities right in the heart of Miranda.

Our intense monthly SEO service continues to keep Sydney Tourist Park ahead of its competition.

Maintained, updated and hosted on our dedicated Australian server.

Another Page 1 success story on Google!

Gold Coast Breastfeeding Centre

Gold Coast - QLD

Gold Coast Breastfeeding Centre was a delightful project for us to design and build.

With several new mums having difficulty with breastfeeding issues, Helen Green's services are invaluable within the broader community.

We were mindful when writing content for this site to include clear and concise information for mums and dads, yet also write using the right keywords to gain Google's attention; therefore, helping to ensure the website would stand out from the crowd. Working closely with Helen, the design & build came together just perfectly!

Helen offers one on one advice through her clinic and online.

Maintained, updated and hosted on our dedicated Australian server.

Another page 1 success story on Google!

Oasis Storage

Ormeau - QLD

Oasis Storage is undoubtedly now a leader in the self storage sector, from a brand new start-up business a while ago.

We created a website to assist them successfully grow the business within the local community and across Brisbane and the Gold Coast region.

Incorporating a custom-built 'space calculation table' on the website helps to work out the best size container for each client.

Monthly SEO

We continue to work our expertise on this website with strategic monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), helping to maintain their high Google rankings. Furthermore, we manage, update and host this website on our dedicated Australian server.

Oasis Storage, along with its dedicated team of superstars, has further developed its strong presence within the self storage industry. They are now proudly at the 'top of their game.'

Another page 1 success story on Google!

Hawkins Electrical Services

UK Project

Hawkins Electrical Services - established more than 35 years ago, just outside of London.

This client was so easy to work with, in fact, a breeze! But, unfortunately, the old fashioned yet caring and dedicated customer service they offer is so rare these days, and of course, this needed to be apparent on their website for all to see. So, we designed and developed a site that brought to the broader community a company that symbolises - professionalism, reliability and ethical conduct.

Quarterly SEO assists this business to stay ahead of the competition.

Maintained, updated and hosted on our dedicated Australian server.

WSS Media Website Builders

Another page 1 success story on Google!


Casino - NSW

QuikShade® Australia started in 1985, making top quality pop up gazebos and marquees. We re-built the website bringing their unique brand and vision into the 21st century for all to see.

Monthly SEO

With our intense SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation), QuikShade's Australian made products indeed take the lead in a very competitive market.

The close-knit team at QuikShade® continue to employ local people, proudly using Australian made materials. Some members of the team have been together since the early days, and clearly, they all work together as one big family.

Maintained, updated and hosted on our dedicated Australian server.

Another page 1 success story on Google!

Fergus Green Imagery

Gold Coast - QLD

Fergus Green, based on the Gold Coast, is an incredibly talented photographer providing stunning photos you will adore and cherish always.

Fergus came to us with a strong visual perception for his new and exciting venture....

We designed and built this website to show the powerful and distinctive work Fergus can do.

The client manages his own website so the appearance may change from time to time. This allows Fergus to express his talent within his website content.

We host this site on our dedicated Australian server.

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Janelle AwKward Design

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

Capture more than a moment……. An effective portfolio website that puts the focus on your work with a minimalist design and lets the photos steal the show.

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Lets Meat

This nourishing lotion is clinically proven to improve the health of dry skin in 1 day with significant improvement in 2 weeks.

All restaurants want to attract patronage, with new and repeat custom always important. Imagine becoming one of the most influential establishments for folk to meet and dine. A colourful, interesting and informative website is a must-have. This design shows just what you can do, although why not be more creative, mix and match using other themes shown.

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Moon Landing

This nourishing lotion is clinically proven to improve the health of dry skin in 1 day with significant improvement in 2 weeks.

Many people are talking about eBooks; it’s a fantastic way to share knowledge on a subject. Encouraging folk to sign up for a newsletter or just having more interaction is a great idea. Extra cash can be made on blogs and websites. This design (using a shopping cart) makes distributing your eBooks a breeze!

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