Things To Consider

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Custom Built Website packages

See our custom built website packages and gauge how much your website will cost.

All our packages clearly show what is included and will save you $$$$.

What Do You Need The Website To Do

There are many reasons for building a website, from just a fun family blog letting everyone know what you are up to, to an eCommerce shop website to promote and ultimately sell your products & services.

There are three main website build categories to consider.

1/ The first is a basic brochure-style website used mainly for fun or a business that directs its customers and clients to further information. This website style is the most affordable as it has minimal build requirements, fewer advertising considerations, and ongoing costs. This type of build will cost approximately $1000 - $3000 depending on the inclusions like paid images, professionally written content and the number of pages etc.

2/ The second build type is similar to the brochure style but much more interactive and optimised to be found through Google searches. This construction type is more complex and adaptable, including full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to enable good page ranking within Google searches.

All page construction will target keyword-rich text-optimised images for faster page load times and tagged images for Google searches. This type of website will target a complete advertising structure to encourage a high Google page ranking. This build is directed more towards businesses and professionals who require a website presence and need to be found by existing and new customers. The cost would be approximately $3,000 - $7,000, depending on inclusions like paid images, number of pages, professionally written page content, etc.

3/ The third type of build is an online shop; these are growing in popularity, especially in these Covid-19 times. This construction type includes everything included in option two, with the added feature to showcase multiple products under multiple categories within a shop area on the website. We can see many examples of these sites on the internet today; they are popular and highly successful. However, they are more technical, and as such, it is more labour-intensive; the price will reflect this extra work and subsequently make pricing quite varied.

Most shop-style websites we build will need to include product training. This training will allow clients' to eventually manage their shop, including adding new categories, products, stock management, sales processing and much more.

Although the pricing can vary, we find a good starting point would be approximately $4,000 - $15,000, depending on inclusions like paid images, number of pages and professionally written page content, and the number of products, categories and training etc.

Building A Custom Website

If you want to see how we build a custom built website, look at this building information. It will give you a great idea of what to expect and show you how to work out an approximate price for your project using our custom built packages.

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Website Maintenance

Just like buying a new car, when you become the proud owner of a new website, you need to consider maintenance. Although not an essential item, we strongly suggest you consider this option if your website is a business website. Maintenance covers many aspects: website code updates, hosting server updates, code breakages due to updates, link breakages, image dropouts, textual changes, image changes, colour and background changes, and so much more.

We offer a couple of options with your website maintenance; you can either constantly log into your server, manually check if everything is okay, alter anything that needs an update or employ a professional to do this for you at whatever charge is applicable at the time.

Maintenance Charges

WSS Media offer maintenance packages for all websites hosted with us. Three standard quarterly packages offer three comprehensive support levels, depending on the website's requirements. We will also structure individual support requests appropriate to our client's needs. Our standard quarterly package starts at $248; that's 13 weeks of support for $19 a week. You can pay annually and receive a 15% discount. Our ad-hoc phone charges start at $125 for the first hour and then $82.50 per hour after that.

All charges are inclusive of GST. (UK clients' are exempt from GST).